The development of a circular economy and social entrepreneurship is seen as key to improving the environment and creating positive societal change. But whilst awareness and interest in these topics is increasing, it remains difficult for young people to access to that information.

We believe that young entrepreneurship is an important driver for innovation and a path forward towards a sustainable economy. 

Therefore, aligned with our commitment to a regenerative impact economy and a positive social and environmental change, since 2021, we have been working in a Erasmus+* program called React! that aims to develop a set of innovative learning tools for youth workers on CE, social entrepreneurship and personal development, to upgrade their capacity to transfer to young people skills required by the current labour market and the overall context.

Madrid, 7 de marzo de 2023


More than 100 participants from more than 5 countries have taken a free online course designed to give youth workers the right tools and curricula to support them in spreading the knowledge among young people about the importance of Circular Economy and the power of social entrepreneurship and personal development in building a brighter future for themselves and the world. 

The innovative and tailor made content included educational resources, guidelines for trainers and inspirational materials covering topics such as sustainable development, innovation and green skills. 

More recently, 15 selected participants had the opportunity to participate in the React! Bootcamp, which took place in Dublin, Ireland. The bootcamp was an exciting 5 full day program with workshops, field trips and inspirational speakers such as Bobby Mc Cormack, co-founder and CEO of Development Perspectives, elected in 2017 as ¨Citizen of the year¨.  

The goal of the program is to offer attractive tools for non-formal education of young people in different countries and provide them with effective understanding of the principles of a sustainable economy, the world of impact entrepreneurship and their personal development journey.


Next steps

The next milestones of the project are the launch of videos with inspiring interviews with circular entrepreneurs, a virtual festival and a face-to-face event in 5 countries. The event will be open to anyone interested in acquiring and multiplying knowledge and tools to engage young people in a more sustainable and entrepreneurial mindset.


Partnership and collaboration

It’s important to highlight that developing and implementing such an ambitious program was only possible through the collaboration of different actors from the entrepreneurial and impact ecosystem. 

Impact Hub Madrid,  Impact Hub Amsterdam, Impact Hub Lisbon, Step Institute (Slovenia) and Rediscovery Centre (Ireland) had the same vision about the need to provide young people with innovative and green skills, and enable them to react to the increasing environmental and societal challenges. And, therefore, have worked together aiming on contributing to the European Skills Agenda.

Although there is still a long way to go, this project is a great example of the power of collaboration and how the articulation of ecosystems and communities for a common purpose can drive more social and sustainable practices.


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